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Career Opportunity

Write us and tell about yourself and we would add you into our database for future reference and to keep you informed if we have any suitable and appropriate jobs that are available for you. If you have your current CV in electronic format on your computer, you may email and attach your CV to

Current Openings

1. Well Test Engineer [ more detail ]
2. Well Test Site Supervisor / Well Test Coordinator [ more detail ]
3. Senior Completion Engineer [ more detail ]
4. Offshore Completion Engineer [ more detail ]
5. Well Testing Services Specialist Data Adquisition III [ more dedtail ]

Other available jobs:

  • Job Position in Australia for Rig Crew On Shore [ more info ]
  • Job Position in India for Rig Crew On Shore  [ more info ]
  • Slickline Operator and Supervisor [ more info ]
    Location, world wide, onshore and offshore.
  • DST [ more info ]
  • Drilling Engineer