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Career Opportunity


Position Title

: Well Test Engineer

Date commence : Feb 2008

We have a well test engineering opportunity offshore Western Australia.

To conduct the clean up of the first of the field’s wells (4 x DCA wells coming on-line first) around the beginning of April next year. The sub-sea wells are multi-lateral and feature laterals of reasonable length. Each well will be cleaned-up at high rates back to an FPSO facility via a sub-sea MPFM and 10.0” flow-line to the production facility onboard the vessel.

The client is seeking support in the form of a petroleum/well-test engineer who can provide initial support in the generation of operational documentation such as programs, contingency planning, HAZID, etc in the lead-up to the operational phase. When the project goes live, an individual is required on-site (i.e. onboard the FPSO) acting as the client representative to supervise the clean-ups of at least the first four DCA wells. Post operational documentation and potentially training documentation for the FPSO operator will be required after the first phase of the operation. The scope may or may not then continue onto the next phase (i.e. clean-up of the DCB wells), depending on whether or not it is considered necessary by then.

The individual providing the support should have a back-ground in Petroleum engineering, while being an experienced well-test engineer. It is also desirable for the individual to have some experience in well-services and production operations if possible. The person will be relatively isolated. Since they will be isolated they need to be technically and operationally strong.

With respect to timing, we are anticipating that the project would kick-off around early Feb whereby support would be part-time (perhaps at first ramping up to 100% in the weeks leading up to the operational phase, and continue through to around June/July (at least for the first phase).

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